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Dec 7, 2012 6:00pm PST
. there is more information on our web site, that is abc 7 in oakland, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you very much. in the south bay looks like owner of a luxury car lot made off with 20 high end vehicles. we first brought you this story last night. owners converging on sunnyvale motor cars looking for answers tonight. the lot has been nearly empty and the owner condition be found. car owners signed over their titles or pink slips when left the cars at the lot. authorities say that was a big mistake. giving the lot ownership of the cars. >> i they can report it stolen. >> your car? >> yes. >> a lot of them have double loans and they lost over $20,000 and $30,000. >> a mechanic says many cars were towed off the lot last friday, apparently to be sold at auction. the owner is being -- authorities are looking for the owner. a process server says she left town last month. >> there is good news for golfers in san francisco tonight. a lawsuit aimed at closing sharp park golf course has been dismissed. a court judge found the city did not violate the endangered species act allowing go
Dec 16, 2012 6:00pm PST
tremendous outpouring of support. laura anthony is live tonight in sandy hook, connecticut, where she spoke with friends of the victims. reporter: hi, ama. here's the latest on the investigation. the police had a press conference this afternoon. they have collected a large amount of evidence from the home the shooter shared with miss mother. if they found evidence of a motive they're not sharing that information just yet. why tide -- what they told us is the hundreds of requires fired inside the school, he left behind a large cache of ammunition. >> high capacity magazines. >> today connecticut state police revealed that as much damage as he did inside sandy hook elementary, he was poised to do much more. with hundreds of round of unspent bullets found inside the school in 30-round magazines. >> high capacity magazines for the rifle. and multiple magazines for the rifle. and multiple magazines for both handguns. reporter: meantime, thousands came to this tiny new england village to mourn those that lanza did kill. most of them children and the teachers and administrators who gave thei
Dec 27, 2012 6:00pm PST
deadly shooting. it happened in an apartment complex on creekside drive near south maine street. laura anthony joins us live. are these worrying there is a danger to the public from this? >> no. they said this afternoon that this incident was isolated to the apartment behind me them have also the corner here identifying the man killed as a 22-year-old anthony banta junior, police tell us he had a weapon but won't tell us what kind. >> this is fair to say they're concerned for their emwell ook releasing few details police maintain the man shot and killed by their officers posed an immediate threat. it"ñ started with a call from a cell phone at 3:15. a woman could be heard screaming in the bok ground. when officers arrived at the point apartments they say they were confronted by a man armed with a weapon. >> unfortunately they were forced to shoot that individual. and that individual pronounced deceased at the scene. >> this neighbor told abc 7 news he was asleep until he heard voices that he didn't immediately recognize as gunshots. >> that is actually just woken up by the sound of wha
Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
yags yas says kate is about 12 week as long and good morning america sent laura spencer to london. you'll see the reports beginning tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. >> fwit twiter fans will soon from a new high profile person to follow, pope benedict. he will tweet in eight languages. the vatican says the pope will respond to questions about faith during the weekly general audience. >> twitter handle is shall we say app in english. it's a good name meaning hope and bridge builder. this suggests unity. >> the pope sent a tweet last year from a vatican account. part of the efforts to increase its presence in social media. in order to spread the faith. >> coming up next, michael finney helps a woman settle a dispute with exxon. >> they've been sending her checks to ts wrong place for >>> a san francisco woman inherited her mother's estate, but one company refused to recognize it that is until she contacted michael finney and michael is here now with her story. >> this went on a long time. >> yes. >> her mother died in 2003. nine years ate later she was still battling to get dividend checks whic
Dec 14, 2012 6:00pm PST
everything was okay today. abc 7 news reporter vic lee and laura anthony are covering local schools for us tonight what. can you tell us about school security? >> well, dan, since you mentioned police, i can tell you they've been in the process of distributing police radios to schools. so that teachers can call them directly instead of using 911. i can also tell you that all of the school zrekts by we contacted today say they do have security measures in place and that they drill regularly, all of this is after columbine.s5[4x since the columbine massacre, schools have been holding drill was police, simulating shootings. all with a goal of preparing teachers, staff and students for the unthinkable. it's taught schools to toughen their security. san francisco school chief says every campus now hz a safety plan and a crisis man yule. >> it has scenarios from you know, intruders to gas leaks to electrical leaks to evacuations and schools practice the safety plans regularly. >> he and other school officials we spoke with won't share all of the security protocol with us buzz they don't w
Dec 12, 2012 6:00pm PST
might behalf. -- behave. >> dr. laura helps conduct a clinical trial that helps with that treatment. patients given drugs well before tumors are removed. this gives time to evaluate the drug's effectiveness. results on nearly half a dozen drugs are expected in a matter of months and dr. he iserman believes the pace of treatments will accelerate. >> i think we'll have muchwzw7 better treatment for her to positive breast cancers. i think those will go to controlling them best i think we're going to have new agents for triple negative cancer. >> in the meantime, she's busy raising her children and providing support for triple negative patientslñ6zg as doctos work towards more targeted and effective treatment. >> yes. to have a targeted drug would be ideal. >> we have more information on that research as well as organization triple step towards a cure on abc 7 >> let's dmek with spencer christian live in union square. with all day food drive. hi, spencer. >> yes. all day, into the evening now. the drive has been going well right now.]3owñ there are many ways you can donate.
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm PST
him to leave. >> laura, thank you. right now a vigil under way in pleasanton to honor lives lost this, one organized by pta for people to share grief and express support for the devastated community. abc 7 news is live in pleasanton for us. >> hundreds, possibly thousands of community gatherings like this one are popping up across the country this, one organize bid two pta moms. they recognized a need. supposed to be a small vigil for a community but word leaked out, organizers say more people expressed the need to be here, now expecting mayor, chief ask school superintendent. in all of this confusion and sadness people are searching for come nort a place tochl press themselves in these gathering that's serve as a starting point. >> there is power in just silence, standing next to someone you may not know. they]"iv+ -- they can give comf. omfort inn numbers. is what a lot of folks?> there will be an opportunity for them to read from prepared writings, offer prayers and recite poems and sing christmas carols. this is just one of many gatherings across
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7